Keynote a good tool for animation prototyping

Keynote animation video prototype and storyboardsApple’s Keynote has long been known as an excellent presentation tool on the Mac. But did you know that it can be used for much more?

The ESPI At Work blog outlined how they use Keynote as a rapid prototyping tool to quickly develop and test designs of new websites and apps. They are not alone. We also use Keynote extensively to develop storyboards and even concept video animations for client approval before polishing these concepts into final motion animations.

Of course, we could (and also do) use Powerpoint for storyboarding, but not for creating concept video animations.  The main reason for choosing Keynote is its advanced animation set, which allow not only for more different types of animations, but also for alpha-key'ed video exports, which you cannot do in Powerpoint.

You don’t have to always use high-end or professional tools to develop assets and concepts, although we typically revert to these during the later stages of the development process.  But during the initial, creative phase, when speed is more important than refinement, we use prosumer or consumer applications rather than professional tools to get the job done quickly.

If you have a Mac and don’t use Keynote, maybe you should check it out to see how it can allow you to quickly prototype animations and designs?  It is available from the Mac App Store.

Mountain Lion is coming - do you care?

Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion UpgradeApple just revealed in private briefings to select journalists and bloggers that it is updating OSX from Lion to Mountain Lion in the summer and that going forward, it will support an annual upgrade cycle similar to what they do on iOS.

So what?

We’re still on Snow Leopard and, according to our own published software upgrade policies, will start evaluating the Lion upgrade in the spring.  A summer release of Mountain Lion does not make a difference, except that we might wait until the end of the year and go straight to Mountain Lion.  We’ll see how Mountain Lion will handle legacy software in our test environment before we decide when we will upgrade.

To us, the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 6 upgrade is much more important than Lion vs. Mountain Lion.


I’m sure, Corporate IT managers were less than thrilled when they heard the news given that these guys are typically on 3-year upgrade cycles.

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